Every love story is unique, just like every flower collection!

We create UNIQUE decorative flower collections starting with the type, colors and style of the bridal bouquet as our creative center. The bridal bouquet is the starting point that defines the color palette and style that would be used in each and every element and flower detail. Only this way we can achieve true harmony in the collections that are congruent with our decorative proposal.

How to start

1. First and foremost define “The Bouquet”
2. Choose between the following options, Bouquets by Phistylo at gallery photos. Or if you find a bouquet in Pinterest Board and you have the picture, share the link and/ or the image.
3. Define if your bouquet is made of Premium and Exotic flowers or tropical and Domestic flowers. (if you have difficulty determining this, just share the picture and we can tell you the type of flowers used)
4. Choose the package that suits your needs best.
5. Personalize your package by adding or taking away items.

¿Premium or tropical flowers?

Premium & Exotic Flowers

Orchid / Tulip / Hydrangea / Calla lily / Peony / Ranunculus / Protea / Dahlia / Wind Flower / ornamental cabbage /Anthurium /Baby Pineapple

Tropical & National Flowers

Roses / Gerbera / lisianthus / lilys / Sun Flower / Daisy / Carnation / Gerbera / White Calla Lily / gladiolus / National white Dahlia / Tropical flowers: bir of paradise / ginger flower / Parakeet / helionia -lobster claw


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